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There are many reasons why people choose to use us, instead of going through the traditional route of using vets, for their pet's cremation. 

For many years now, the choices available to pet owners when their pets have passed away, has been limited. Our aim is to help raise and increase awareness of what choices are now available for bereaved pet owners, and to help them reach satisfactory decisions on how their pet should be treated. Having pets cremated via the vets, no longer has to be the “obvious” choice, which is often what people think. 

Many people have asked the question "When my pet has been put to sleep at the vets, what happens afterwards if I choose for them to be cremated?". The truthful answer is, at most vets, they are likely to be stored on vet premises before their cremation actually takes place. The length of time that a pet is stored on the premises varies from practice to practice, but on average it could be any time between one or two weeks, until the pick up collection van from the contracted crematorium collects them. Contracted crematoriums are usually “mass” crematoriums i.e. those that deal with communal cremations and handle clinical waste. Pets are then transported together in the van to the crematorium along with the clinical waste from the surgery. 

If you choose to use our service, we promise that at no time will your pet be bagged, frozen or transported with clinical waste or other pets. They will be treated in the way that you would expect them to be treated, and that is individually. We're not a mass crematorium, nor do we handle clinical waste. We specialize in "individual" cremations only. Since we have been in business, "word of mouth" recommendations have increased, and some local vets and veterinary staff now use us, for their own pets cremation. 

We have worked very hard to bring a choice to pet owners in the Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. Please support us in what we are trying to achieve. 

When people first contact us, the general assumption is that in order to receive such a personalised pet cremation service, our prices must be quite expensive, however we are able to offer competitive prices for this service, and the care and individual attention that we give to your pet, is unsurpassed. 

If we can help you in any way, please give us a call - Tel: 07514 226671.

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