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Pre Pay Pet Funeral Plans

  Being prepared when the unthinkable happens..

We care so much about our companions when they are with us. We spend our days protecting and loving them and when the unthinkable happens and the time comes to say goodbye, we must continue to protect them.

So many people have said to us that one of the things they regretted not doing while their pet was still with them, was planning ahead for such unfortunate events, like having to say goodbye. One of the reasons for this, was because people weren’t aware that funeral plans for pets actually existed. 

We are passionate about giving people the option and above all the choice about how their pet is treated after they have passed away. They are, after all, a member of the family and deserve at the least, a dignified last journey for their life long loyalty.

Times are now changing and more people are thinking about what happens to their pet after euthanasia. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions about this if you need to. You are completely within your right to decide who you use for your pet's cremation, whether they have been euthanized at the vet's, or have passed away naturally at home.

The most important thing you can do to prepare for times like this, is to think ahead and to plan ahead ~ this is where we can help you.

  • collection of your pet from your home or veterinary practice 

  • that your wishes will be carried out with the utmost respect from beginning to end

  • opportunity to say your final farewell

  • option of having your pet's paw print as a special and unique keepsake

  • a wide choice of caskets, urns, memorial keepsakes or jewellery

  • cost of private individual cremation

  • an affordable service with complete peace of mind

  • all of the above at today's prices ~ however far into the future you may need us

Payment options are based on 6, 8 or 12 months 

If you would like to talk to us about how our pre pay pet funeral plans can help you, please contact us on one of the following:

    Telephone: 07514 226671


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They can't make the decision themselves, please make the right one for them.
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