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If you would like us to add your pet onto our remembrance page please let us know.  

In Loving Memory of: 

Inca 1995-2010

To my best friend and wonderful companion, all this is for you...I miss you


You gave me 18 years of love and companionship. I miss you every day xxx


My first and ever faithful cat Misty...I miss you. Helen xxx


Our much beloved pet Millie...miss you lots. H & L xxx


'Sleep tight' Charley, we miss you...L & H xxx


Sooty...lost you tragically and miss you lots. Think of you always. H & L xxx

"Our Boy Willie" March 1994 - 27th March 2013

You gave us 19 years of loyal pleasure and company - we will miss you so much. Love you always. Helen, Lyn, Zizzi & Yoda xxxxxx



Josh 16/1/1997 - 15/4/2011

You have left us with so many special memories and in those your spirit lives on. Thank you for 14 wonderful years xxx


Thomas Sleep Well big fella, we miss you so much xx

Tosca - May 2011

To Our Beautiful Boy Tosca - part of the family for the last 18 years...we all miss you...sleep tight xxx

Merlot - June 2012

We miss you so much but you are now with nice to each other. Love and Miss both of you deeply. xxx

Dolly - Nov 2014 xxx

Dolly Nov 2014 xxx


A little guy with a big personality leaving a big hole in my life. Sleep tight little one. x


Our Beautiful Girl, so loved and missed...The Gregory Family xxx


Our handsome boy, loved and missed so much. The Gregory family xxx."

Boleyn - April 2005 to July 2011

Our beautiful girl, you are missed so very much. All our love B,L T & J xxxx

Jet in his youth xx


We miss you our wonderful boy Jet, but now you are the brightest star, racing around heaven. xxx

Skye - 11th October 1997 - 6th June 2011
Our precious little boy Skye, we love you & miss you everyday xxxx Hazel & Michael Churney

Zazu 24/05/05 - 15/11/11

Our big boy Zazu who gave us so much love and companionship and who we miss dearly. Love you always xx


Snowdrop our beloved bunny and family member for more than 10 years.We have such happy memories to treasure and we miss you so very much. We will love and remember you always. xxx

Rupert - 26/10/11

A little ray of sunshine who loved a ray of sunshine! We miss you so much Rupey Doops & you'll always be remembered. All our love - David, Tania & Nixon x


To my bestest pal in the world. You endured so much, but now it is time to rest. Sleep well my ginger soldier. See you at Rainbow Bridge one day. Jan xxx


Our beloved Bramley (aka Frod!) Sleep well old girl xxx

Jovi (18yrs)

My best friend. Sadly gone but you will never be forgotten. You will always and forever be in our hearts...xx


Handsome cheeky Alfie , huggable , lovable outdoor boy , missed by all who knew him xx Berni, Helen & Billy xx

Truffs with her friend

"Our loved one" from all of your family xxx

My Beautiful 'Honey'

Loyal and intelligent soulmate.She is so badly missed by her mum, and will never be forgotten .Beautiful bond, not broken by death, and memories will never fade with time. Treated with the respect she deserved by Alison and her team. Sensitively handled funeral service, with excellent emotional support .Highly recommended, and Honey was entrusted with full confidence into Alison's care .Thank you from Honey and me.

My Sal...

Sally came to me in 2009 as a very troubled teenager, however left this place a changed individual and very, very much loved little dog; one who was my best friend and shadow for nearly 4 years. Wallie’s big personality and confidence towards life completely changed during her time with us and soon became a special companion to me. A little dog that learned to trust people again. A dog that still had spirit, but enjoyed living everyday to the full, And going on adventures! A little dog whose path I was very privileged to cross and able to help, care for and teach about life during her rest bite years. Oh Sally, if only you knew how such a ‘small thing’ could leave such an incredible hole and be irreplaceable! Miss you so much Mummy Xxxxxx


“It only seems yesterday that we got you as a little kitten of six weeks but time flew by and you grew to be a lovely companion, but still cheeky as ever. Thank you “little Tiger” for the sixteen and half years you gave us. We both miss you so much and so does your little sister Nikita. Sleep tight, sweet dreams sweetie pie. Josie and Philipp.” xxx


From all of your family xxx


Taken from our lives, but never absent from our hearts xxx


Sleep tight mummy's little boy xx

Teemo 10/02/2002 - 14/04/2013

Loved and Missed by all xxx

Chloe 1998 - 2013

You were just such a wonderful little girl you gave us so much pleasure, we will always miss you. The house is so empty now. Love you lots Peter & Ann xxx


Loved and missed so much by Dan, Carrie,Tia & Holly (Jack, Buster, Albert, Poppy, Splat & Widgy) XXX

Our beloved cat, Loki.

So charismatic and so beautiful; you are missed massively by your human and animal friends. Run free with Freya. Vanessa, Simon, Ted, Leeloo, Holly and Badger xxxxx

Bruno 07/12/98 - 16/10/13

You were so loving, loyal, feisty, sensitive and fun. The best boy dog. We are privileged to have known you and had you in our family.You brought laughter into our lives. Winnie and Elsa miss you. You will always be in our heart. Free from pain now boy - run free. We all miss you.... xxx


Rest in Peace Thank you for the years of joy you gave us. And thank you Alison for your kind compassion And professionalism. To some only a dog to us she meant so much and you understood our grief.

maisy (moo moo ) 2005-2013

maisy moo u was such a funny and cheeky little girl. We all miss u so much dont worrie about your sister daisy, mr sniffs is looking after her. I hope u r having fun with jovi binkie free little girl xxxxxxxx


Polly, you gave us sixteen years of joy, we all miss you dearly, love the Hutton family xxx


You made us smile every day This loss we feel will never go away We will love you and miss you forever Our special girl Tab xxx

Lucy 2002-2013

Our beloved Lucy left us in August 2013 but we will treasure our memories of her forever. Martin, Penny & Scarlett xxx


We miss and love you so much. Gina and Hannah xxx

"Beckham" 5th May 2000-5th January 2014


Our boy Captain.

Our best friend for the past twelve years. RIP. xxx


Pretty little Pepper mother to Paddy , Gizmo , Lilly , Oscar grandmother to Missy and Charlie how I miss your face xxx


Loved and missed so much by your mum and dad xxx

In Memory Our Beloved Oscar June 2002 - Aug 2013

Don't despair my passing, For I won't be far away, Forever here, within your heart, And memory will I stay. I'll be there watching over you, Your ever faithful friend, And in your memories I will run, .....a young dog once again.

Megan Feb 1997 - Feb 2014

My darling Megan, how I miss your sweet face. We will love you forever. Mum, Brian, Flo & Han xxx


Our sweet and beloved pet. Loved and missed so much by all of your family xxx

To Our Dear Lucy

Thank you for the last 16 years and teaching us all what love is. We love you to the moon and back. Night, Night Sleep Tight Our Babygirl Robbie, Tracey & Rio xxxx

Tia xxx

Tia xxx

9th September 1999 - 21st May 2014

Tia with her mum & dad xxx

Tia 09/09/99 - 21/05/14

Our gorgeous girl has sadly gone. Our arms feel empty without you to hug. Thank you for all lovely memories you have given us. You unconditional love was like a warm blanket around me on a cold winters night. You were my best friend and my rock. I feel you close which brings me comfort. Love you more than words can ever say. Mum & Nick xx

In Loving Memory of Toby 4/4/97 - 6/6/14

My Golden Ray of Sunshine, for 17 wonderful years he was my best friend. Gave unconditional love, happiness and has always been with me through everything. Will always love you. Never forgotten my little hero xxx

William Aug 2004 - July 8th 2014

William, you were our world........ love Mum, dad, Han & Flo and your brothers. xxx


Sleep well my little lady, we will never forget you. Our home and hearts are now missing a part. Go chase those butterflies xxx


Missed so much by all his family xxx

Georgee 2004 - 2014

To our beautiful baby girl, you were the most loving, friendliest and gentlest of dogs any one could ever have.Miss you lots you will never be forgotten. Lots of love and cuddles, Mum,Dad and all your Family. XXX

Foggy Wallis

Missed so much by all her family xxx

Tinka Allen

Missed every day by all his family xxx

Bruno - 11-05-03-13-09-14

Greatest friend you could ever wish for, missed very single day xxxxx


Our sweet and beloved pet. Loved and missed so much by all of your family xxx


Gone but never forgotten xxx


You gave Sean strength and are so missed every day xxx

Meggie November 2000 - 15th November 2014

To our beloved Meggie, our Many Tears angel. You will always be in our hearts. Your gentleness and loving nature will be remembered always. Run free at Rainbow Bridge our special girl xxx

Millie Sheldon - 13/11/03 to 31/10/14

To Millie, our beautiful Boxer. The kindest, sweetest, friendliest girl anyone could ever wish for. Thank you for the years of love, laughter, fun and happiness that you brought to us all. We hope we made your life as joyous as you made ours...... we were privileged to have had you in our lives. We've cried many tears, but your memory will stay in our hearts forever. Sleep well our beautiful girl, we love and miss you so much. Mum, Dad, Becky and all the family XXXX


In memory of our beloved Shani; faithful companion and loved by all who knew her. Such a happy and loving dog, leaving us with beautiful memories. xxx

Mr Tibbs

Our precious angel Mr Tibbs – You left us on 4.12.14 but will stay in our hearts for ever, loved and missed every day. Our very special boy. Love from Mummy & Daddy. xxx


Missed so much xxx

George xxx

Cookie January 2015

Our beautiful, lovely girl. We miss you so much. We will love you forever. Mummy and Thomas XX


Never forgotten maxy. R.I.P xx Love Charlotte, Kelvin & Family xx


Sleep tight my precious boy. You were loved very much and we will miss you always. xx Helen, Darren & Family xx


We miss our baby Chico so so much. He will always be in our hearts. Jo, Jason, Sophie, Samuel and Elvis (our cat) xxx


You were a kind and sweet rabbit who will be so missed, Mum dad and all the gang xxx

Simba McGowan Fluckiger

Goodnight Old Girl, from your two daddies, and your forever mummy xx

"Gracie pants always in our hearts."

"A dog is love for a lifetime". xxxx

Beautiful Gracie



She was such a great companion and best friend to the whole family. She is missed so much, there will never be another dog like her. From The Higgins Family xxxx

Milo 2000 - 2015

Our gorgeous, lovely, unforgettable boy. Special treasured memories. Our best friend and companion, you will always be loved and missed. Forever in our hearts. Hazel, Michael, Christopher and Lindsey xxxx


Our beautiful, unforgettable Hugo. Our best friend and companion for nearly 13 years. We love you and will miss you every day. You will be forever in our hearts sweet boy. Run free until we meet again. All our love Mum, Dad and your girl Ginny xxxx


Winston the rebel without a cause. Knew all the commands the sits, stay and heels but would only do it when he felt like it. But you was such a good lad really. You stole our hearts and the house is so empty without you. We will always keep you in our hearts. Run free at rainbow bridge. Love mum, dad, Kerrie and Sean.xxxx


Alison just want to thank you for everything you did for my beautiful boy Zeus that I had to say goodbye to on Tuesday. Your kindness and care of him meant so much to me as he was my best friend and soul mate and deserved the dignity you gave him.. Maggie and Janet Docherty


You made us laugh every day with your funny antics and cheeky behaviour. We loved you so very much and you were adored by many. Now go chase those where'dhegoes! XXX


Love Daddy & Daddy xxx


Alison, On behalf of Buster, myself and Roy I truly cannot thank you enough, for looking after our boy, our best friend Buster. Your service and dedication will never be forgotten thank you and thank you so much again. please find attached the pictures of Buster. xx



Purdey August 2002 - October 2015

Our gorgeous baby girl, we miss you. Sleep tight. Mum and Dad XXX


The sweetest cat in the world. My companion and friend for 16 years and missed everyday. xxx












My Beautiful Boy Milo, tragically taken away from us too soon, on Friday 18th December 2015, only 11 months old. I treasure the short time and moments we spent together, you are and will always be my best friend, my nights haven't been the same since, so lonely without you. I miss you more than words can say. Sleep tight my beautiful boy. Love you so much. xxxx



Callie - 20 August 2001 to 9 November 2015

"International traveller and best friend. Born a wild kitty in a Florida boatyard you crossed the atlantic and enjoyed life to the full in an English village. Dearly missed by your family and friends all over the world. Malcolm”.


Missed so much by all of your family. Rest In Peace Little One xxx


“From 2000 to 2016 we became and stayed the best of friends. Thanks.”


Born 6th May 2008 - 9th Feb 2016 Giles..lost you tragically and miss you lots, always in our hearts. Love S & P & F xxxx


To my gorgeous cute Fudge. Mummy & Daddy will miss you so much :-(. Sleep tight little guy, you brought so much happiness to us both over the 2 and a half years. Lots of Love....Heidi & Pete xxx


Together with Stevie xxx


Together with Trixy xxx


Loved & missed so much by all of his family xxx


THANKYOU so much for your kindness at a time when we both had every emotion known eating away at us. RIP Scrappy, we love you loads x

Bailey 04-08-2004 to 18-04-2016

"Bailey...our handsome, chocolate Labrador, Bailey Boy. You came into our lives at aged 6 years 2 months as Billie, a well loved family member who had travelled to Australia and back with your family. Thankfully you came home with them, and due to circumstances they re homed you to us. It was a great loss to them and they now share the grief that you have now gone from this life the same as we do. Bailey our hearts are truly broken. Pat, Paul and Perry Cat have had the most wonderful happy and sad, (when you were ill) 5 years and 6 months of sharing our lives together since 30-10-10. Also all the family and friends, human and animal, that have become a special part of your life and you theirs. You touched the hearts of so many that knew you. You are a true Gent of a dog, one of the lads, and a truly loving, affectionate, gentle, intelligent family member, our BAILEY BOY. Saint Francis watch over you, Rest in Peace Bailey" xxx Bailey with your chocolate fur, Your loyalty and love, You were one of Gods creations sent to earth from above, He has now taken you back to rest in peace, And we shall reunite when we are deceased. Bailey you are a special part of our life, And you will always be in our hearts, All the memories we will cherish, For all of eternity after our life departs.


My beautiful handsome boy. Verbal. Off on his final journey with Trusted Friends. Such an amazing dignified and caring send off. I cannot recommend them enough. You'll be back home with us in a blink of an eye my bogdog. Until the end of time we love you with all our hearts. You touched many people, and left a legacy for the breed. Forever missed, never forgotten xxxxx

Jellybean & Albert

Two beautiful boys lost far too soon xxx


" Our beautiful Cassie, we rescued you at seven months old, and you stayed in our lives until you left us very suddenly at the age of twelve years. You gave us so much joy and happiness. Rest in peace now. Love you very much. Always in our hearts . Alison & Pete xxx "


I just wanted to say a massive thank you to both Alison and Helen for helping me through such a difficult time. I knew from the minute that I spoke with Alison that I wanted to have Simba taken into your care and I felt a bit of peace knowing he was being taken care of. The small gestures and details in keeping me informed where wonderful. Helen was so kind when I came to collect him today and the care and attention that goes into the whole process is lovely. thank you doesn't seem enough for what you have done for both me and Simba. Below I have attached a picture of him, he had the most inviting eyes like he could speak with them. Kindest regards Jess xx

Yoshi 15/04/2012 - 21/04/2016

Taken from us far too soon, missed so much by your family; Arya, Annabelle, Indi, Seb, Nate, Jacob and Jem. We love you more than you could know, good night our little Yoshi-san xxxx


Floyd was taken from us far too soon after a brave battle with illness. Floyd was everything you could want in a dog. Truly exceptional. We miss you so much. Thank you so much Alison for all your kindness and such special service you provided for us during this sad time.


"This is a goodbye that we didn't want to say Jessie! I hope you are having the best time sunbathing in Heaven - you are a legend ! We will always love and miss you. Perfect peace Jessie' X


Remembered with love, our miniature schnauzer Dexter who we rescued in March 2011. He came to us with health and behaviour issues but the most wonderful personality and we loved and cherished him unconditionally until the very end. Despite undergoing hind leg amputation in 2012, he lived life to the full and cast a spell on everyone he met. Our hearts and home are empty without him. xxx


Nell...12 years old. My best friend, who has left her paw print in my heart. Daddy do do's xxx


In Loving Memory of beautiful Archie xxx

Archie and Blue

Archie and Blue, together again xxx


Nell...12 years old. My best friend, who has left her paw print in my heart. Daddy do do's xxx


Missed so much by her family xxx


Moses, my adored dog, every day for eight wonderful years was special because of you. I will miss you forever. Mummy Daddy and all your


Dear Alison and team Thank you so much for the way you took care of our beautiful whippet Ruby. We are so glad we found you. Ruby had a lovely dignified send off and we would recommend you to anyone. Thank you for your kind words and support. You made her passing a lot easier to bare knowing that she was in caring hands. We miss her so much. We will treasure the little personal touches, the paw print and her fur you gave us forever Lucy and Mark Tipler

In loving memory of Talia 20-04-2006 -- 17-08-2016

My lovely little girl Talia, you were taken from us far too soon and so unexpectantly. We will always miss you . Lots of love sandra and Jenny. xxx

Lily 14/12/2005-28/09/2016

Lily our Chocolate Labrador. Our home is empty without you. You've left a gaping hole in our lives as the three of us would go to many places together. You were such a good girl, a real pleasure to take anywhere. Thank you Alison for your caring professional help towards us.You were able to come and help us in our hour of need. You were there in no time at all, you collected our Lily, then let us say our goodbyes to her and then we left her in your capable hands. Dignified send off and why not, our girl deserved it. xxx

Barney 11th August 2003 - 13th October 2016

Barney boy, Our special boy Our best friend, our soul mate. Our rock, a shoulder to cry on, silky soft ears to rub With wet nose (and tongue!) and skilful teeth for gently pulling Daddy's socks off upon command. Our funny comedian who knew the word for 'walkies' in several languages but yet could never work out which way the door opened. The street cleaner who in his spare time cleared up more than 7,000 objects from the park, sometimes 3 or 4 balls or bottles at a time. Our hero. So brave when at aged 4 you became paralysed but overcame this and lived for another 9 wonderful years. A kind gentle boy whose positivity, ability to just get on with things and live in the moment is something we can only try and emulate. We love you boy, Mummy and Daddy, xx

In loving memory of Humphrey – 06.10.04 – 24.11.16.

Our precious little cherub enriched our lives for twelve years with his unique personality, his loyalty, devotion to his family and unquenchable Spirit. My constant companion, always at my side and now forever in our hearts. Our darling Humphrey, loved, remembered and missed every day. xxx

Brandy Bella

Brandy Bella, my sweetest girl, with the loudest purr. Thank you so much for all the love and care you gave over your sixteen and a half years with us and for the rainbow. We miss you so, but you are forever in our hearts. You will always be part of our family. Love, Mommy, Lee, Caitlin, Isabelle & Breezer. xxxxxx

11 June 1999 - 16 December 2016 OUR ROSIE

You lit up our world and You will shine in our lives forever. 'Night, 'Night. Love you lots Mummy and Daddy X X

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